Gutting the Frolic



The ride home from Virginia did not go well.  Thank goodness my uncle was with me because we ended up half-stranded on the side of I95 waiting for roadside assistance for 4 hours.  We were able to travel, very slowly, 2 miles up 95 to Ladysmith Tire and Auto where they had to keep the camper for about 4 weeks trying to find tires and fittings, only to end up completely rebuilding the axel.  Geeze!!

Now my baby is back in Delaware ready for a facelift and a new, exciting life as a Mobile Fabric Boutique.

Driving over the scariest bridge in history on our way home from VA.



I wish I could say I did it, but, alas, my stud muffin hubby got to work tearing out all of the original fixtures, cabinets, walls and ceiling.  I did help…a little.  I am so great at sweeping up debris lol.

The stud muffin


Anyway, at this point we are almost finished tearing the walls out.  I am leaving the “bunk beds” to use as shelving and also leaving the table at built in benches.  My hubby is going to build me an extended table topper so I can have a cutting area.  We are going to do bead board on the walls and the whole inside will be a bright, clean white.  I am planning to paint the exterior white and touch up the golden areas with a soft yellow.  I would also like to add a retractable awning (yellow and white stripe of course!) and chalkboard paint the inside of the door.  I plan to install a solar panel so there will be no need for an electrical hook up when I travel.

Sink and oven are for sale!! If interested please email with offer.  Located in Southern DE.



I am so excited for this to come together and I hope you will be here to see it all come together.  If you have any questions or would like to book The Pineapple Stitchery for a guild meeting, retreat, ect. please visit the Contact page of the website.  I would love to hear from you!

♥ Stacy

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