Painting has Begun!

Wow!  It seems like forever since I gave a blog update on our camper reno.  A lot has gone on in the months since we last met.  My husband has been working so hard to get The Pineapple Stitchery ready, but also getting back to his business as a landscaper.  Its been a juggling act, but we are getting there.  I spent yesterday using a spray gun!  That was super fun, a little windy so I was covered in paint, but the results are incredible!  What a difference a coat of fresh paint makes.

Its chilly and off and on drizzly here today so no more painting for right now, but first thing tomorrow morning I will be out side getting a second coat of white on and starting to paint the yellow strips with a fresh, fun shade of yellow.  Bye bye tacky gold!!

First coat of paint!!

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