Let’s get started!!

Hi new quilty friend!! I’m Stacy. I’m a wedding coordinator turned stay at home mom turned part time personal assistant to a top real estate agent in my county.  In my free time I enjoy reading and sewing.  I’m a member of the Delaware Modern Quilt Guild and I absolutely love it, and I am also a member of a book club.

I am really excited about starting this blog and I hope you will join me in my quilting journey.  I am currently working on a few projects and once I finish each of them I will do a little post on what and why I have made each quilt or stitchy project.

First up is quilt one of two for #quiltsforpulse which are being sent to the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild.  We were able to collect enough blocks for 2 quilts.  I’m so proud of my guild mates and my girlfriend from Utah for this!! These ladies are amazing.



How beautiful is that? What an amazing thing to be a part of.  As I sewed each of the donated blocks together I got very emotional.  To live in a world with so much hate but so so much more love…it’s truly overwhelming.  It’s terrible and beautiful all at one time.

I think that sounds like a profound place to stop tonight.  My first blog post, up and ready for the world. (Sigh)

until next time,

The Pineapple Stitcher


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